Set up a Poof v2 wallet
Initial setup for using Poof v2
Welcome to Poof v2 and the Celo Network. To begin using Poof v2, navigate to v2.poof.cash.
Here, you have two options:
  • Enter a private key. If you have already created a Poof wallet in the past, you should use this option.
    • Celo and Ethereum wallet private keys will work, but we recommend separating your accounts.
  • Create a Poof wallet and generate a new private key. This is recommended for new users.

New wallet Guide

Start by clicking Create a Poof Wallet.
You will be directed to the account creation page with a randomly generated private key. Please copy this key, write it down, and keep it safe as it will be crucial to access/recover your account. Do not share this private key with anyone as it will give them access to your balances and transaction history. Once you have backed up your private key, check the I backed up my private key box and press continue.
Finally, enter a password for future log-ins to access your Poof wallet. This password is used to encrypt and decrypt your private key from your browser's local storage.
Congratulations! You have now created account with Poof v2. Let’s dive into the new features of Poof v2.
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